NewJeans did not respond to SEVENTEEN’s greetings, the reason is hilarious 

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan recently shared a hilarious, albeit awkward interaction with rookie girl group NewJeans.

During a live broadcast on December 29th, several members of boy group SEVENTEEN recalled their first time meeting NewJeans at the 2022 AAA.  

seventeen newjeans

In particular, since SEVENTEEN came to the waiting room later than NewJeans, Seungkwan came to greet the girl group on his group’s behalf. However, since he didn’t want to sound too preachy to his juniors and give them unwanted advice, Seungkwan only wished NewJeans members good health by using a Korean idiom. 


Then, Seungkwan realized that NewJeans have foreign members, and was worried that they would not understand what he said, so he added, “You guys are making a comeback soon, right?” (컴백곧하시죠? In Korean). 

seventeen seungkwan

Hearing this, NewJeans member Hanni, who came from Vietnam, only smiled awkwardly, so Seungkwan thought the group couldn’t hear him since the venue was too loud. Therefore, he decided to repeat the question, only for all NewJeans members to smile stiffly at him. 

Seungkwan then repeated his question a final time, but still received no reply, and was left wondering why.  


In the end, a staff member explained to him that NewJeans thought Seungkwan was asking “You guys can’t have a comeback, right?” (컴백못하시죠?), and so was rendered completely speechless. 

Since “곧” (will) and “못” (cannot) sound similar in Korean, NewJeans thought that the SEVENTEEN member were saying they cannot have a come back, 3 times in a row. 

seventeen seungkwan

The hilarious exchange and misunderstanding between SEVENTEEN Seungkwan and NewJeans is currently going viral across SNS platforms and online forums, and netizens had an extremely great laugh. 

Thankfully, the misunderstanding has been cleared up, with SEVENTEEN and NewJeans both being under HYBE Labels.  


Source: LSB

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