The reunion of the legendary 2NE1 girlgroup is fixed

BlackJacks, please be prepared for this special day!

2NE1‘s breakup in late 2016 left a lot of regret for the group’s fans as well as K-pop fans. Over two years, BlackJacks (2NE1’s fandom) have longed to see the four of them reunite like SES, Shinwa, Sechskies, etc. On December 3rd, 2NE1 will perform together on Minzy’s concert in New York City.

Last month, Minzy announced her first solo tour called “Dance Break” in the United States and Canada later this year.
In particular, in the detailed schedule, her New York performance made the BlackJacks extremely excited when the name 2NE1 appeared.

A few days before this official news, fans somehow guessed when, in the exclusive interview with Allkpop, Minzy coaxed about the reunion of 2NE1 and confirmed: “That day will surely come”. Then, Spotify and the official facebook page that had been inactive for two years also unexpectedly added an event called Minzy (the former 2NE1 member) with the location of New York. In addition, the online ads in the United States also mention the appearance of 2NE1 in the country, making BlackJacks hope for reunion more than ever.

Minzy’s concert is currently being featured in the 2NE1 facebook event.
Also spotify of the group also has the appearance of this special item.

So after more than two years since Minzy left the group and 2NE1 officially disbanded, Kpop fans will be able to witness the legendary girlgroup’s burning stage with their top performances. While waiting for that special day, let’s look at the group’s hit singles:

Fire – 2NE1’s debut song.
I Am The Best – the biggest hit in the girls’ career.
Come Back Home – the tiltle track in the “Crush” album, released before they disbanded.
MAMA 2015 – the last stage where all 4 members perform under the name 2NE1.
Goodbye – The song was released after the break up as an apology and thanks to the fans with the participation of CL, Park Bom, and Dara

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