YG artists being so “sassy”, not following anyone on Instagram

From idols, actors to models from YG Entertainment, they don’t follow anyone on Instagram but have millions of followers.

Almost every KPOP idol has an Instagram account to post pictures capturing their daily life and communicating with their fans and other artists. However, since many YG artists don’t follow anyone, fans have always been wondering what would appear on their Instagram newsfeed. Some people jokingly said that this behavior of not following anyone had become a culture of the artists from YG Entertainment.

G-Dragon was the first one to start the trend of ‘not following anyone’ in KPOP. The Instagram account of BIGBANG’s leader, which looks artistic, was opened on July 19, 2012, and is now being followed by 19.8 million people. In fact, during his 10 years using Instagram, G-Dragon once followed a famous Japanese singer-model, Kiko Mizuhara, who was rumored to be his girlfriend at that time.

Another person who follows the culture of not following anyone is Mino (WINNER). Mino used to follow a lot of people until he got into a scandal. Dispatch reported that Mino followed an account named “prettypuke” who usually posted sensitive content related to children. Since then, the singer of ‘Really Really’ decided not to follow anyone.

This culture of being “sassy” was also passed on to BLACKPINK. Each of the 4 girls has around 40 to 50 million followers but doesn’t follow any account. Especially, Lisa seems to be the least active as fans only saw her like and comment on just a few posts from the members of BLACKPINK. One interesting thing about Lisa is that she often wrote the caption with only one icon every time she posts.

On May 3, Na Eun officially signed with the company and became an actor of YG Entertainment. Na Eun and Lee Sung Kyung, the famous actor who starred in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, also have their Instagram accounts not following anyone. Na Eun used to follow her family members; however, there was a time when anti-fans sent messages to Naeun and insulted her family, so she unfollowed everyone to get rid of anti-fans.

Besides, the male actors of YG Entertainment are no exception to the trend. Model-actor Jang Ki Yong and model-rapper-actor VIINI are also followed by many people but the 2 artists never press the follow button on any account.

However, there is one exceptional case, and that is T.O.P of BIGBANG. He used to be a member of the ‘0 following’ group of YG. Until the beginning of this year, T.O.P suddenly pressed follow only one account. The owner of that account is not a member of BIGBANG or his relative but a person who usually uploaded photos of the Alpacas. Since then, T.O.P joined the group of ‘only one following’.

This ‘culture’ of YG artists is nothing bad. More than anyone, they know that thousands of people are watching their private life. With just one click of like, netizens could make it become a topic to gossip on the SNS.


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