IU filmed her first Vlog alone, revealing her room on Christmas day 

Singer IU prepared a Christmas present for her fans.

On December 25th, a video titled “Christmas Vlog Despair version Teaser” was uploaded on IU’s official Youtube channel. 

The released video shows IU wearing comfortable clothes in her room.


IU said, “This time, I’m going to do it by myself. It’s not that easy to set the camera cause it’s my first time”. IU then tried to install two cameras in her room by herself.

IU even asked her younger brother to help her match the lightning for the shoot. IU’s brother said, “Are you serious about shooting it like that? Isn’t it too clumsy?”. Later, IU said, “It takes almost an hour to set the camera and lightning”, then started filming in earnest.

She introduced, “This is my room. My favorite place in the house. I heard you want to see my Vlog that is like having fun in my house alone”, revealing the reason.


IU then began to assemble Legos with her younger brother. However, she later said “It’s IU’s four-hard-hour struggling Vlog”, predicting a hopeless ending for the Vlog content.

Netizens who watched the video commented, “Even the room is so IU’s style”, “Her Vlog is so cute”, “Even the teaser looks fun”, “It’s going to be really cute”, “OMG, this is a Christmas gift”, etc.

Source: wikitree

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