The reason why T-ara’s Hyomin lived in Australia for a month… “I reduced the cost of airline tickets to live more comfortably”

T-ara’s Hyomin revealed her daily life in Australia in a month.

On July 26, on Hyomin‘s YouTube channel ‘Mini House’, a video with the title “The reason I decided to live here for a month. Cohabitation? Homestay? Hello Sydney! One Month Living in Australia!” was posted.

In this video, Hyomin described her daily life in a month staying in Australia.  Hyomin said, “I thought it (the trip) would be impossible if it wasn’t now. I am a very well-planned person, so that’s an advantage, but there were a lot of things I gave up easily before trying,” she said, explaining why she left for Australia.

Hyomin, who came to live with a friend in Australia, said, “I decided to focus on eating and playing for my travel expenses. My seats on the planes were all economy. By saving on airfare and lodging costs, we can live a few more weeks without any worries about money.”

She arrived in Sydney, Australia, and enjoyed her trip to the fullest. Hyomin showed off her extraordinary affinity for fan service, such as greeting fans that she met on the street and taking photos with them.

Hyomin debuted as a member of the group T-ara in 2009 and her group has recently released a new song called ‘Tiki Taka’.

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