Rosé accused of lip-syncing after wardrobe mishap, Jennie also criticized?

Recently at a BLACKPINK concert in Indonesia, Rosé’s neck strap became untied, leading to her dress almost falling off entirely. Fortunately, Rosé was able to handle the situation in a professional manner and continued performing.

However, despite her professionalism in such a severe crisis, Rosé is accused of lip-syncing during the concert. In particular, in order to hold her dress and ask a dancer for help, Rosé had to put her mic away, but the music continued to play. 

From this moment, it can be seen that the backtrack for Rosé’s performance is rather loud, causing many to suspect that the female idol uses a voice recording instead of singing live. They expressed clear criticisms, believing that Rosé couldn’t even sing at a concert. 


However, most netizens jumped to Rosé’s defense. They pointed out that during the accident, Rosé’s voice “cracked” a little since she was in panic – an obvious evidence that she was singing live, and added that Rosé’s singing voice has always been louder than the backtrack. 

Nevertheless, Rosé’s accident sparked another debate among netizens, who compared her professionalism to that of fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie. According to them, Jennie was less professional than Rosé during stage accidents. 

A case pointed out by these netizens was when Jennie felt out of breath during a 2019 BLACKPINK concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the time, the female idol was unable to speak on stage, and had to go into the back to recover. 

Jennie had to go into the backstage during the Thailand stop of BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK Word Tour

However, a lot of people argued that Jennie would risk her health if she continued on stage, and that her action was absolutely reasonable. It is simply inhumane to force an idol to perform when they are not able to breathe properly, these netizens contended. 

Source: k14

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