Proof of why Jisoo (BLACKPINK) didn’t have any attitude controversy during the whole 5 years of her debut

There is one detail in Jisoo’s personality that makes fans believe she would never get into any attitude scandal.

Netizens often praise BLACKPINK Jisoo as one of the idols who are beautiful in both their appearance and their personality. It is because Jisoo is always kind to everyone, and she likes taking care of people around her. Recently, a post titled “Jisoo’s personality” was uploaded on Pann Nate and immediately rose up to the top trending chart of this online community. In particular, Korean netizens expressed their admiration fo the eldest of BLACKPINK after knowing she prepared supportive gifts for Somi during her M! Countdown stage on November 4th.

To cheer for Somi in this “XOXO” promotion, Jisoo sent a jar that is full of “XOXO” candies and a giant lollipop to the shooting site of Somi’s comeback stage. After Somi posted on her Instagram, saying, “Jisoo unnie… I got more energy thanks to you. Love you so much”, Jisoo replied, “Super cutie, try the giant lollipop first. Recharge your energy with these candies and blow up the stage today XOXO”

The candy jar and lolipop gifts from Jisoo to Somi on November 4th
The candy jar and lolipop gifts from Jisoo to Somi on November 4th
Somi couldn’t hold her happiness when receiving Jisoo’s supportive presents

K-netizens commented:

– Jisoo is always kindhearted and caring towards other people. An idol like her would never cause attitude controversies

– Jisoo has such a beautiful and warm heart, just like her pretty face

– Everybody loves Jisoo, she’s an angel

– Many staff, editors and interpreters who worked with Jisoo praised her good manners and personality.

– Never doubt Jisoo’s personality

– She’s not only kind but also mature and knows how to keep her image

Jisoo always supports Somi enthusiastically
Jisoo always supports Somi enthusiastically

This is not the first time that Jisoo showed her love and care for Somi. During the filming of Somi’s “What You Waiting For” MV in 2019, Jisoo came all the way to the shooting site to cheer her junior up. Jisoo’s action got K-netizens called her “the most warmhearted idol”

Moreover, Jisoo also supported the solo activities of BLACKPINK members many times. In the case of Jennie, she prepared water and refreshments for the dancers herself. During Rosé’s solo promotion, Jisoo also gifted her the “-R-” costumed Lolipop and soft drinks to give strength to her sister. Meanwhile, Jisoo came to the recording of Lisa’s Inkigayo stage and prepared candies for staff and dancers. Thanks to her warm heart and caring towards BLACKPINK members and other juniors, Jisoo has proved herself to be an idol who has never been criticized for bad attitudes during her 5 years of debut.

Jisoo was always there during Somi and BLACKPINK members’ solo activities
Jisoo was always there during Somi and BLACKPINK members’ solo activities

Since her debut, Jisoo has always impressed people with her positive energy and kind personality. Every time BLACKPINK appeared on shows, Jisoo was the most energetic member. The way she treats everyone, including her seniors, juniors, colleagues and staff, draws admiration all the time. Not only does she have a beautiful face, Jisoo is also talented, hard-working, and kindhearted. Jisoo is really a perfect idol!

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