“Drug negative” G-Dragon’s legal response “Preparing to sue”

Singer G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong, 35), who practically cleared suspicions by receiving a negative result in a detailed drug test, is retaliating

G-Dragon’s legal representative declared legal action by distributing the 5th official statement early on Nov 22nd. The representative said, “We are currently proceeding with legal action against those who wrote posts damaging the reputation, insulting, sexually harassing, spreading false information and maliciously defaming Mr. Kwon Ji-yong.”


G-Dragon’s side emphasized their intention to respond with a zero-tolerance policy, stating, “We are preparing to submit numerous lawsuits to law enforcement agencies, collecting evidence of defamation, damage to reputation and actions infringing on Mr. Kwon Ji-yong’s rights through self-monitoring and fan reports.” They firmly expressed their commitment to holding individuals accountable without compromise or leniency.

On Oct 25th, the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency booked G-Dragon without detention on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act. The police reportedly obtained statements regarding G-Dragon’s drug-related activities from the manager of an entertainment venue in Gangnam, who had been previously arrested.


However, on Oct 27th, G-Dragon stated, “I didn’t take drugs. I have nothing to do with reports on ‘violation of the Narcotics Control Act’ released by the media recently. However, this issue has caused concerns to many people, so I will actively cooperate with the investigation by the investigative agency and answer faithfully.

G-Dragon voluntarily attended a police investigation on Nov 6th at the Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station, appearing in his usual state without shaving or dyeing. He said, “I actively cooperated and provided necessary statements and samples for the investigation. I answered truthfully.”

His confidence was justified. G-Dragon’s detailed examination of hair showed a negative reaction to drugs, and a confirmation of negativity was also obtained from a detailed examination of nails. It is known that through nail analysis, it is possible to determine drug use up to about 5~6 months.

Source: Daum

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