“Reborn Rich” Shin Hyun Bin: “I learned courage from the honest and righteous Seo Min Young”

Through her agency, actress Shin Hyun Bin expressed her thoughts after “Reborn Rich” ended on December 25th.

On Dec 25th, JTBC’s Friday-Saturday-Sunday drama “Reborn Rich” (directed by Jung Dae Yoon, Kim Sang Ho / scripted by Kim Tae Hee, Jang Eun Jae) ended with meaningful results, succeeded in both terms of ratings and viral topic. To celebrate the successful ending, Shin Hyun Bin, who played the role of prosecutor Seo Min Young, said goodbye to the work and viewers with heartwarming gratitude.

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Through her agency Yooborn Company, Shin Hyun Bin said, “It was a work that allowed me to learn and experience a lot with my great seniors and colleagues for a long time, from filming to when the drama finished airing. Above all, it was a time for me to learn courage and sincerity through Seo Min Young, who is honest, righteous, and confidently fights for what she thinks is right. I would like to sincerely thank the viewers for showering ‘Reborn Rich’ with love and applause.”

In addition, the behind-the-scenes unreleased photo of Shin Hyun Bin in the final episode is also attracting attention.

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Until the end, she did her best to analyze the script and film. Despite the harsh condition, her happy smile proved the friendly atmosphere of the filming site.

In the final episode of “Reborn Rich,” Seo Min Young stood up again to correct Sun Yang’s bad deeds in cooperation with Yoon Hyun Woo (Song Joong Ki), who has crossed the threshold of death.

Actress Shin Hyun Bin has embodied her character thanks to her sharp insight and delicate acting skills, completing another vertex of “Reborn Rich,” and accentuating her presence regardless of genre and domain.

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In the rapidly changing development of “Reborn Rich” storyline, Shin Hyun Bin’s passionate performance, which captured Seo Min Young’s straightforward conviction and persistent competitive temperament, has emphasized the character’s charm even more immersively.

As such, Shin Hyun Bin ended her 2022 with “Reborn Rich” before heading to a new, promising year with the healing melodrama “Tell Me You Love Me” (working title). Attention is focused on what kind of transformation and challenges Shin Hyun Bin will present in 2023.

Source: OSEN

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