The real singing voice of “monster rookie” NewJean has been revealed

NewJeans’ living singing skills receive a lot of praise after various performances and through their new song “Ditto”

Within just 4 months of debut, NewJeans are expected to become a representative artist in the future, and is already considered as a “monster rookie”.


Formed under Min Hee Jin’s agency ADOR, a subsidiary of HYBE Labels, NewJeans made a grand debut with catchy music, an unique image, and each member’s skills. In addition, through various live stages and the new song “Ditto”, the group is showing off their singing. 

NewJeans prepared a “Ditto”  live band singing video and received a lot of praise 

In particular, the group is said to be “eating CDs” after their singing of “Ditto” live band. Despite each member having vastly different training time, they all boasted strong vocal colors and huge vocal attention. The group’s innocent image also fits perfectly with their tone.

newjeans it's live
NewJeans are said to boast unique vocal colors that suit their image

Now, NewJeans is considered a 4th gen powerhouse when it comes to singing, despite debuting in the same year as NMIXX and LE SSERAFIM. 

NewJeans’ true voice without background music

Prior to their live singing show, NewJeans still managed to draw attention with their explosive energy, especially at university festivals. Here, despite their tiring and complicated choreography, NewJeans still performed at their peak and fire up the stage. 

However, there are a lot of people who are not entirely convinced that NewJeans have been singing live. Instead, they believe that the girl group often lip sync – a very popular action for Kpop artists. Still, others contend that NewJeans rarely lip sync, and only did such when they needed to preserve stamina while dancing or to cover their seniors’ song.  

newjeans sbs gayo daejun
NewJeans lip synced for their cover stage at the SBS Gayo (SBS song festival)

On the other hand, Hyein, who used to be criticized for falling behind the group in vocals, is now praised for excellently doing her verse in “Ditto”. Meanwhile, Hanni normally do a good job at singing. 

newjeans hanni thumbnail
Hanni is praised for her vocals

Source: k14

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