Jay Park talked about his old SNS account, ideal type, liquor brand and more

In “My Little Old Boy,” Jay Park honestly shared about his liquor business, which recorded 10 billion won in sales, and his ideal type.

Jay Park appeared as a special MC on the latest episode of SBS entertainment show “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on Dec 25th. DinDin’s mother expressed her affection, saying, “I really wanted to see him once,” adding, “When my son debuted as a rapper, I got to know about Jay Park first and realized he was so charming.”

jay park my little old boy

Asked how he started his liquor brand, Jay Park said he was introduced to the area in the past by a singer who also succeeded in their secondary career. Jay Park has even topped the liquor sales chart with 10 billion won in sales. His online store is so popular that its service was temporarily suspended due to the overcrowded traffic. Convenience stores that sell his product also prove Jay Park’s influence in the industry, saying, “We don’t have any more to sell these days, everything is sold out in 30 minutes to an hour.”

In this regard, Jay Park said, “I got to know Rock Nation in the U.S., signed a contract, and released a song called “Soju”. I became interested in the industry since then. It took me four to five years to launch a liquor brand. In the U.S. and overseas, celebrities often have their own liquor brands.”

jay park my little old boy

Also, when asked, “What if you have to break ties with your best friend to marry your lover?” Jay Park laughed and responded, “It’s possible if my best friend is Dong Yeop…” When asked, “What if your lover suddenly likes your close friend?” Jay Park shrugged, “I can’t help it.” Seo Jang Hoon then asked, “Which is more upsetting to you, a lover who likes my friend or a friend who seduced my lover?” and Jay Park answered that the time period was important.

The panel then asked about Jay Park’s ideal type. Jay Park then answered honestly, “I like a person with pretty teeth, a person who smiles brightly so that all of her teeth can be seen.” Everyone joked, “Why do I think of Lee Byung Hun’s healthy teeth smile.”

my little old boy

Talking about the rumor that Jay Park deleted his SNS account with 5.8 million followers in commemoration of his 15th year since his debut, Shin Dong Yeop asked if it was hip-hop swag because his account’s economic value is enormous. Regarding the reason, Jay Park said, “It is not to commemorate my 15th anniversary, but to put down my existing image and challenge various new things because my image of a president is too heavily imprinted on many young friends.” He added, “I wanted to reappear as if I was reset.”

my little old boy

When asked if he had any regrets after deleting his account for no reason, he said, “I made a new account anyway. I have over two million followers now.”

Source: OSEN

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