“Cherry Magic” Keita Machida officially announced marriage with “Pachinko” Hyunri

Hyunri (36), a Korean-Japanese actress who made her face known through “Pachinko”, married Japanese actor Keita Machida (32).

On Dec 25th, Keita Machida’s side announced on the official website, “To all of you who always support Keita Machida. It’s sudden, but Keita Machida and Hyunri got married.

They went on to say, “After working together in a movie, the two have been spending their days as strong partners who can support each other and dating on the premise of marriage.

keita machida

They added, “In the future, they will work hard together to build a better future as well as to become better people and better actors.

Hyunri and Keita Machida developed into a romantic relationship after appearing together in the 2017 movie “Cinema Fighters” and the 2018 drama “Life As a Girl”. They admitted dating rumors in September this year and are drawing attention by tying the knot after 3 months.


Hyunri is a Korean actress born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She debuted in the entertainment industry in 2006 through singer Lee Jung’s music video “Fever”. Afterwards, she left a strong impression on the public by appearing in director Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Japanese film “Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy” and OTT Apple TV+’s original series “Pachinko”.

Keita Machida debuted in 2010 as an actor of the theater group “Gekidan EXILE”. He made his name known to Korean fans through “Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!”.

keita machida hyunri

In particular, Keita Machida has shown his right-wing tendency several times, such as visiting Yasukuni Shrine in 2012~2013, appearing on an anti-Korean current affairs program related to the issue of compensation for forced labor in Korea in 2019, claiming to be a fan of “Eien no Zero” Naoki Hyakuta, a representative anti-Korean writer in Japan…

Source: Daum

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