“Reborn Rich” Kim Shin Rok talks about her performance as a rich family’s daughter and desire for advertisements

Actress Kim Shin Rok pointed out what she focused on when portraying a daughter of a rich family in JTBC’s “Reborn Rich”.

Kim Shin Rok, who played the role of Jin Hwa Young in JTBC’s Fri-Sat-Sun drama “Reborn Rich”, recently met with Sports Chosun at a cafe in Gangnam, Seoul. She shared, “I think I got to play the role of a rich family’s daughter because of my appearance”, adding “I hope I would get cosmetics and department store advertisements”.

Kim Shin-rok

Kim Shin Rok appeared as Jin Hwa Young, daughter of Sunyang Group’s Chairman Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) and CEO of Sunyang Department Store. Drawing keen attention for her previous characters of “Beyond Evil” Oh Ji Hwa and “Hellbound” Park Jeong Ja, Kim Shin Rok surprised drama fans with her completely new image of a chaebol in “Reborn Rich”.

The actress revealed that her acting in previous works helped her get cast for “Reborn Rich”. Kim Shin Rok shared, “Content business manager of ‘Reborn Rich’ production company – SLL Park Chang Sung, who was JTBC CP when I filmed ‘Beyond Evil’, was impressed by my acting in ‘Beyond Evil’ and my photo when being nominated for the Theater category at Baeksang Arts Awards. He looked at my picture and suggested that I can play the role of a rich family’s daughter. After then, I had a meeting with the director. In short, you can understand that I got cast thanks to my appearance (laughs).”

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When asked about the charms of Jin Hwa Young, Kim Shin Rok said, “As an actor, I was very excited to act such a greedy character. She tends to perform actions, and I really like that part. Planning various things to achieve success can also be considered action”.

Showing her excellent method acting, Kim Shin Rok gained favorable reviews saying Jin Hwa Young was Kim Shin Rok herself. The actress laughed and shared, “Filming ended in August last year after nearly a year. In other words, we did not film continuously. That’s why I didn’t hear anyone say I look like Jin Hwa Young”

Kim Shin-rok

Regarding the reference that inspired the portrayal of Jin Hwa Young, Kim Shin Rok said, “People mention various chaebols and they keep changing their opinions. I’ve seen some names in the media. I took their images for reference but tried to be faithful to the basic character in the script”

When asked about her actual family, Kim Shin Rok, who told the story of a chaebol family in the drama, said, “There are four daughters in my family, and five women in total, including my mother. We have a group chat room and I received real-time feedback about my styling, acting, etc. from my family members when they were watching the drama.”

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Regarding Jin Hwa Young’s styling, Kim Shin Rok said, “I did a test shoot before the main shoot, then adjusted my style to look darker. The person who suggested smokey eye makeup and made it for me was director Jung Kyung Hwa from the drama’s makeup team. She actually wears smokey makeup in her daily life. I called her ‘Teacher’ and asked her to do the same for me.”

When asked if she felt the popularity of the drama, Kim Shin Rok commented, “Maybe because I already removed my makeup, not many people recognize me”. However, as the drama did well, her expectations for CF love calls are also high. The actress said, “I hope I will receive a cosmetic advertisement”. When the reporter asked if she would like to do a department store advertisement because it suits Jin Hwa Young’s image, Kim Shin Rok jokingly said, “Please call me”, drawing laughter. 

Source: Daum

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