BTS prepares “historic-scale” gift for fans on their 10th debut anniversary

Boy group BTS has excited fans worldwide by unveiling the schedule for their “historic-scale” 10th debut anniversary event

On May 31st, BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, released an image of the “2023 BTS FESTA” calendar through BTS’s official social media accounts.


“BTS FESTA” is a festival prepared by BTS to commemorate their debut date (June 13th) and has been held annually since 2014 through platforms like YouTube.

According to the calendar, this year’s “BTS FESTA” will run from May 31st until June 17th, but specific details have not been disclosed.

The agency added to the anticipation by providing spoilers through a “board game board” in the photo posted on social media. In particular, dates such as May 31st, June 9th, and June 13th are marked with question marks, igniting fans’ speculation about what events will unfold.


Meanwhile, BTS previously teased a special event to be held on June 17th in Yeouido, Seoul, through a slogan logo trailer.

At the same time, the calendar revealed a surprise icon reminiscent of fireworks, further building anticipation.

With various events, likely including fireworks, BTS is expected to decorate the finale of the “2023 BTS FESTA” in a splendid and “historic-scale” manner.

Source: Insight

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