Netizens Pity ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon As He Faces Rude Fan’s Behavior During Video Call Event

ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon encountered an unpleasant situation during a fan call event.

On May 30th, during a video fansigning event, ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon found himself in an uncomfortable situation when confronted by a fangirl and her friends who displayed rude and questionable behavior. Still, Sunghoon maintained professionalism and garnered praise from fans and netizens.


During the call, Sunghoon appeared visibly flustered when the fan suddenly questioned whether he had anything to say to her. 

The fan’s continuous laughter and sarcastic remarks such as “It hasn’t been that long, you’re being too much…” and “Do you know whose fan I am?” further added to the uncomfortable atmosphere. 

Sunghoon, trying to comprehend the situation, asked if there was something specific the fan wanted to discuss, to which she responded by teasingly asking if he remembered her.

To exacerbate the situation, the fan later took to Twitter and shared the video of the video call with Sunghoon, accompanied by derogatory captions aimed at the idol. 

The fan’s now-deleted tweets read “Unlike other members who were just funny, Park Sunghoon really irritates me. He’s an idiot who doesn’t know me” and “I find it funny because he’s such an idiot.” 


Despite the unpleasant situation, Sunghoon showcased remarkable professionalism throughout the encounter. He maintained a calm demeanor and continued to smile at the fan.

Fans and netizens are impressed by Sunghoon’s professionalism but also feel bad for him. This incident serves as a reminder of the harsh realities idols can encounter while trying to connect with their fans.

Netizens left comments:

  • This is why not everyone can become an idol
  • Poor Sunghoon. Hopefully she doesn’t become a fan of anyone else
  • Being an idol is a demanding job. Some fans spend money to exert power over them.
  • Why is she behaving like that? So disrespectful.
  • Was she intentionally trying to ridicule him?
  • She’s not a fan. She’s a bully.
  • The worst part is that she mocked him and shared the video herself. I pity Sunghoon. 
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