3 months after BLACKPINK’s debut… The shocking truth behind 2NE1’s disbandment

2NE1, which was supposed to prepare for a comeback, suddenly disbanded in November 2016.


At that time, it was thought that the disbandment was inevitable due to overlapping incidents such as Park Bom‘s drug smuggling and Gong Minzy‘s withdrawal from the group.

5 years later, what CL said was shocking. The female singer heard the news of 2NE1’s disbandment through the media when she was not informed in advance.

In a recent interview with AP Entertainment, a reporter asked CL, “A few years ago, my colleague interviewed Minzy. I heard that she found out about her disbandment through the media.  What about you?” CL replied, “Actually… me too. I was at Thanksgiving dinner when my phone rang loudly. But yeah, those situations… That was very heartbreaking for me.”

YG Entertainment‘s four-member girl group 2NE1 attracted attention as soon as they debuted in 2009 thanks to their unprecedented concept. They released numerous hit songs such as “Fire”, “I Don’t Care”, “Follow Me”, “Clap Your Hands”, “It Hurts”, “Lonely”, ” I Am The Best”, “Missing You”, “Come Back Home”…

2NE1 (YG Entertainment)

2NE1, which was doing well, stopped promoting in 2014. It was belatedly known that Park Bom was caught trying to smuggle 82 tablets of amphetamines in 2010. Park Bom explained through YG that “she just took medication prescribed to her by an American university hospital”, but she had to self-reflect after receiving harsh criticism.

Due to Park Bom’s incident, 2NE1’s comeback continued to be delayed. In the meantime, YG has already prepared BLACKPINK which is its next girl group. In April 2016, Gong Minzy decided to leave the team. Fans were anxious that 2NE1 would disband due to Park Bom‘s controversy and Gong Minzy‘s withdrawal from the group. 

YG had tried to soothe the fans, saying, “With Gong Minzy’s withdrawal, the rest of the members were deeply confused about whether 2NE1 will be disbanded or not. CEO Yang Hyun-seok has met with the remaining three members and expressed his strong will to ‘protect 2NE1 to the end no matter what happens’ and ‘The more difficult it is, let’s work harder together to overcome it”. We are preparing their new song for this summer”. 

However, BLACKPINK suddenly appeared in front of the YG fans who were waiting for 2NE1‘s summer comeback. Three months after BLACKPINK‘s debut, 2NE1 disbanded. Only CL and Sandara remained at YG, while Park Bom left the company. 


YG had no manners to the artist who had been with them for such a long time. 2NE1 is not YG‘s goods, but a team created with and by the members. Even if it’s difficult for 2NE1 to have normal promoting activities, it is rude and irresponsible of YG to let the girls know about their disbandment through an article without consulting with them first.

Even after the team was disbanded, CL was not respected. Even if the team had disbanded, fans still highly expected CL’s solo career because she was still a member of YG, but she couldn’t release a single album. Former general producer Yang Hyun-seok, who promised the members’ solo activities, was repeatedly asked for an album release, but there has been no answer at all.

The truth that CL learned only after leaving YG. Only fans know and are upset about YG‘s atrocities against 2NE1.

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