TWICE’s Sana Gets Jealous Due To ‘Flirting Master’ Dex? “You Flirt With Everyone”

TWICE’s member Sana showed her jealousy toward Dex

On September 21st, the YouTube channel “117” uploaded the first video of “Dex’s Fridge Interview Season 2” featuring the guest appearance of TWICE’s Sana.

In the video, Dex asked Sana about her ideal type and added, “Maybe your company is not comfortable with the question, but an ideal type is just an ideal type. You don’t have to talk about it if it’s uncomfortable”.

In response, Sana said, “A manly person”, adding “Someone manly who may seem cold at times, but smiles really cutely when he laughs?”.

Upon hearing Sana’s words, Dex began smiling brightly. Seeing that, Sana reacted, “Why does he smile so cutely?”, drawing laughter.


Sana then shared, “Whether it’s the jawline, the nose, or the eyes… Someone who has that sharp look”. Dex smiled again then touched his face, asking “Sharp?”.

When Sana added, “Someone who matches my vibe well”, Dex said, “When we’re having a conversation, it’s an important trait. You know when you talk to each other or respond well when you are making a joke. I am really good with that”.

Sana replied, “You’re good at talking about yourself like this. I saw you with Kwon Eun-bi too. You were like ‘Is it all about me? Am I the ideal type?’”. Dex suddenly got embarrassed.


Sana added, “You are good at flirting. You flirt with everyone”, making Dex and the production staff burst into laughter.

Confused by the sudden attack, Dex explained, “Come to think of it, who made the word flirting anyway? Complimenting the other person, I think there’s no faster way to get close to each other. I thought we could break the ice that way, but people keep thinking of it as some type of temptation and flirting. It was a misunderstanding”

Hearing that, Sana responded, “Ok. Next excuse”, teasing Dex again.

Source: Daum

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