3rd place Red Velvet, 2nd place Blackpink, this month’s ‘Girl Group Brand Reputation’ 1st place is…

This girl group beat BLACKPINK to top the brand reputation chart this month

On the 11th, the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute announced the results of big data analysis of girl group brand reputation in December 2022. The ranking is the result of analyzing 52,353,317 girl group brand big data from the 11th of last month to the 11th of this month.

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According to the results, NewJeans beat BLACKPINK in 2nd place and Red Velvet in 3rd place to rise to the top spot in the brand reputation this month. This is the first time New Jeans has ranked first in the survey since their debut in July.

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The Korea Corporate Reputation Research Institute said, “As a result of the brand reputation analysis of the girl group in December 2022, the NewJeans brand ranked first. In the keyword analysis, ‘Attention, YouTube, and Best Song’ appeared high. In the positive/negative ratio analysis, the positive ratio was analyzed to be 83.29%.”

New Jeans is a multinational girl group consisting of 5 members: Minji, Hani, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. On July 22, they appeared like a comet in the music industry. Since the release of their debut album ‘New Jeans’, they have been attracting attention by sweeping various music charts.


New Jeans will release their new single album ‘OMG’ on the 2nd of next month. ‘OMG’ consists of the title song conceived together during the production of the debut album ‘New Jeans’ and winter songs specially prepared by NewJeans for ‘Bunnies’ (official fan club). Prior to the release of the album, the b-side songs will be released in advance on the 19th.

Girl Group Brand Reputation chart

The rankings from 1st to 20th in the ‘December 2022 Girl Group Brand Reputation’ are:

  1. NewJeans, 
  2. Blackpink, 
  3. Red Velvet
  4. Twice
  5. (G)I-DLE
  6. Girls’ Generation
  8. Oh My Girl
  9. WJSN
  10. IVE
  11. APinK
  12. Aespa
  13. Mamamoo
  14. ITZY
  15. Alice 
  16. Cignature
  17. April
  18. fromis_9
  19. Girl’s Day
  20. Dreamcatcher 

Source: wikitree

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