Shin Dong Yup makes guest appearance on BTS Suga’s drinking show, “If Suga calls, I should come”

Suga of BTS and comedian Shin Dong Yup had a drink together.

On December 29th, a teaser video for the second episode of BTS Suga’s talk show “Suchwita” was released on the YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”.

In the teaser released, Suga introduced the guest as “the first guest since the show became regular. The best MC in Korea who knows taste and style. A handsome comedian. A superstar.”

bangtan tv

The identity of the guest was revealed to be Shin Dong Yup. Shin Dong Yup was happy to hug Suga. He continued, “If (Suga) calls, I should come.” However, in the teaser, only part of Shin Dong Yup’s face was unveiled, making people curious about his identity.

Also, Suga and Shin Dong Yup had an honest talk over drinking. In particular, Shin Dong Yup couldn’t hide his smile at Suga’s cute tricks.

bangtan tv

Meanwhile, the episode of “Suchwita” featuring guest Shin Dong Yup will be released at 10:00 pm KST on January 5th.

Source: Nate. 

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