Wendy (Red Velvet) covered 2NE1’s hit with Minzy… Netizens were surprised to find out their real age!

This cover of Wendy and Minzy once became a hot topic on various online communities.

Recently, a clip in which Red Velvet Wendy and former 2NE1 member Minzy covered “Lonely” suddenly went viral again. Wendy did a great job on her parts, undeniably one of Gen 3’s best female vocalists. Besides, Minzy as the backup singer also made this performance more impressive.

Wendy Minzy
Wendy sang “Lonely (2NE1)” with Minzy
Wendy Minzy
These two girls are the same age!

However, what surprised netizens the most was that Wendy and Minzy are the same age and were both born in 1994. However, Minzy debuted at the age of 15 (2009) while Wendy appeared as a member of Red Velvet 5 years later. The gap between two friends of the same age but different generations (Minzy – Gen 2, Wendy – Gen 3) made fans extremely excited.

  • Wendy is good at singing. Although Minzy is the senior, they’re the same age!
  • I’m a bit startled when I know that Minzy debuted at the age of 15 and Wendy debuted 5 years later.
  • One Gen 2, one Gen 3, but they’re the same age!
  • Time flies so fast. When 2NE1 debuted, Minzy was really young.
Wendy Minzy
Minzy debuted in 2009 at the age of 15
Wendy Minzy
Wendy made her debut 5 years later


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