After Lee Seung Gi’s departure, “All The Butlers” can’t escape lowest ratings it its time slot despite slight rise 

Can “All The Butlers” survive without Lee Seung Gi? 

According to Nielsen Korea, SBS’s entertainment program “All The Butlers 2”, which aired on January 15, recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 2.3%. This is a slight increase of 0.4% from its own lowest viewership rating of 1.9% recorded for the episode broadcast on January 8th.

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“All The Butlers 2”, which returned on January 1st without Lee Seung Gi, recorded 1.9% viewer ratings for 2 weeks in a row and fell into the 1% range, but succeeded in rising to the 2% level in 3 weeks.

However, there is still a long way to go. Because the show has yet to get out of the bottom in ratings among shows aired in the same time slot. On the same day, KBS 2TV’s “Boss in the Mirror” maintained 1st place with 6.7%, followed by MBC’s “Adventure by Accident” with 5.1%. Both programs are recording ratings more than twice that of “All The Butlers”. 

All The Butlers

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV’s “2 Days & 1 Night” topped the Sunday afternoon prime time competition by recording a double-digit viewership of 10.6%. SBS’s “Running Man” recorded 5.2%, and MBC’s “King of Mask Singer” recorded 4.9%.

Source: Naver 

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