Kim Tae Hee is struggling with two consecutive rumors, appears thinner than before

Actress Kim Tae Hee showed off her beauty even at the age of 41.

On Oct 26th, Kim Mi Kyung uploaded a photo of her late birthday party along with the caption, “I can’t believe you guys still prepared for my birthday like this despite it having been a while. It’s our chat time wearing birthday hats. We ate delicious food and talk about how we have been while looking at each other. Just a good time. Thank you. I’m happy.”

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It has been more than 2 weeks since Kim Mi Kyung’s birthday, but she had a happy day being congratulated by her junior actors. Kim Tae Hee and Yoon Sa Bong, who worked together with her in “Hi Bye, Mama!” attended and celebrated Kim Mi Kyung’s birthday.

kim mi kyung

In particular, Kim Tae Hee’s recent status is notable. Kim Tae Hee wore a black bucket hat and sat next to Kim Mi Kyung to celebrate her birthday. Despite her bare-face visual, she still boasted her legendary visuals. Kim Tae Hee recently had a hard time due to rumors of her husband’s affair and the sale of her building, drawing attention as her face became a lot thinner.

Kim Tae Hee - Rain

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee is married to singer Rain and has two daughters.

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