Kim Tae Hee spotted with this person following her husband’s affair rumor

The recent situation of actress Kim Tae-hee, the wife of singer Rain, has been captured for a long time.

Actress Kim Mi-kyung posted on her account on the 8th, “Watch the musical ‘Crash Landing on You’. Hi Bye Mama Team is here!!! Yoon Sa-bong, Lee Kyu-hyung, Heo Gyu-nim, and all the actors who performed well. ^^ ❤❤❤❤❤” and posted a picture. This is a photo of Mi-kyung Kim, who went to see the musical ‘Crash Landing on You’ with her acquaintances.

kim mi-kyung

The released photo shows Kim Mi-kyung taking a group photo with musical actors in the waiting room. Next to her, Kim Tae-hee was spotted with her arms crossed, catching attention. Kim Tae-hee, wearing a bucket hat, smiled brightly. She drew admiration by showing off her superior visuals with small face and clear features.

Kim Mi-kyung and Kim Tae-hee worked together as mothers and daughters in the 2020 tvN drama “Hi Bye, Mama!” The two seem to have visited the scene to support the musical of actor Lee Kyu-hyung, who worked with them in the drama. Lee Kyu-hyung took on the role of Ri Jeong-hyuk in the musical ‘Crash Landing on You’.

When the photo was released, netizens commented, “Wow, Taehee unnie? May this team last a long time”, “I enjoyed the drama, but I saw this chemistry again”, “I love the chemistry. “ and so on.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-hee recently suffered an unpleasant incident, including rumors of her husband’s affair. Rumors spread through some online communities that top stars had an affair with female professional golfers, and singer Rain was unexpectedly mentioned.

Kim Tae Hee - Rain

Kim Tae-hee’s agency said, “(The rumor) is unfounded. Kim Tae-hee heard this for the first time and it was so ridiculous since it made a lot of fuss.” Rain’s agency also said, “We will take all responsibility (for those who spread the rumors) and respond without leniency through legal procedures.”

Source: Nate

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