Kim Tae Hee shows tough reaction to rumors of Rain having an affair 

Kim Tae Hee’s reaction to the rumors of Rain cheating on her is attracting attention.

On October 6th, rumors spread online that a top male star was having an affair with a female professional golf player.  As speculation continued about the top star in question, Rain and Jo Jung Suk were mentioned by reporters and netizens. 

In a call with Chosun.com on the same day, Kim Tae Hee’s agency reported on Kim Tae Hee’s reaction to her husband Rain’s affair rumors. The agency said, “(The rumor) is not true. It is a completely non-existent story, so we have no position to give.”

The agency continued, “When Kim Tae Hee first heard the rumor, she found it so ridiculous that she laughed. The professional golfer in the rumor and Kim Tae Hee have never seen each other before.”

Professional golfer Park Gyeol, who was suspected of being Rain’s mistress, also dismissed the rumor through Instagram on the same day, saying, “It’s ridiculous. I only saw him at a sponsored event a few years ago… I don’t even know his number.”

Meanwhile, Rain’s agency said, “We inquired with the media outlet that first reported the rumor with initials to ask if the mentioned artist was ours, and received a definite answer that the initials had nothing to do with our artist.” The agency added, “We will respond without mercy with legal procedures to those who spread false rumors.On the same day, Jo Jung Suk’s agency also expressed his position that the rumor of him cheating on his wife, singer Gummy, were groundless and hinted at legal action.

Rain married Kim Tae Hee in 2017, and they have two daughters.

Source: wikitree

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