YouTuber who is Park Eun Bin’s former classmate reveals a photo of her during high school 

YouTuber HamTube talked about her friendship with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” star Park Eun Bin.

On August 4th, YouTuber HamTube shared past photos to subscribers while scrolling through Cyworld in her new video. Surprisingly, Park Eun Bin was spotted in one of the photos. 

HamTube explained, “Recently, I got very good news. Cyworld has been restored.” That’s how her photos from the past became available. 

Among HamTube’s many past posts was a photo of her with her high school friends. One of them was Park Eun Bin. HamTube proudly said, “This is a picture I took with Eun Bin. Woo Young Woo fighting.”

Ham Tube and Park Eun Bin were classmates from elementary school to high school. In the photo taken with her classmates, Park Eun Bin wears a white headband and scarf. She showed off innocent visuals that are no different from now.


Netizens responded, “Even if the picture quality is not good, Park Eun Bin looks pretty”, “I heard that they were classmates, but it’s amazing to see the photo they took together like this”, “Park Eun Bin gives off first love vibes”, etc.

Source: dispatch

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