Netizens stunned by TWICE Jihyo’s beauty with the “actress makeup” done by MUA Leo J 

Rather than the usual heavy idol makeup on stage, TWICE’s Jihyo got the natural actress makeup and drew attention with her visuals. 

On August 29th, TWICE’s Jihyo made a guest appearance on the YouTube channel of makeup artist Leo J. In this video, Jihyo received natural makeup from Leo J, instead of the modern, intense makeup that she usually wears on stage. 

twice jihyo

Before doing her makeup, Leo J asked Jihyo about the style she wanted. Jihyo said, “I actually always wanted to receive natural makeup. If I go stronger with the eye line, it becomes too much so that’s hard for me to control.” Jihyo then said that she wanted to have actress-style makeup that she had never tried before.

Leo J then started putting makeup on Jihyo. He lightened her eyebrows, which are usually dark, and used a nude tone for her eye makeup. He also chose a color that is not highly saturated for Jihyo’s lips.

After the makeup was done, Jihyo expressed her satisfaction. The natural makeup makes Jihyo exude a different aura than when she has an idol-like makeup for performances.

Jihyo’s facial features became clearer, but they still stood out without being overdone. Her elegant charm was also highlighted with this makeup.

Netizens left comments under the video:

  • Her bare face is so pretty
  • She is really pretty
  • Natural makeup really suits Jihyo 
  • Leo J’s makeup is good
  • She’s beautiful
  • Her facial features stand out so much 
  • She really looks like an actress now

Source: Dispatch

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