V surpassed Jennifer Anniston to become most followed person on Instagram after 24 hours

BTS members recently opened their own Instagram accounts.

bts v

In particular, member V achieved a “world record” by surpassing 10 million followers in 4 hours and 47 minutes after his Instagram release.

On December 6th, BTS members opened personal Instagram accounts eight years after the group’s debut, breaking this SNS’s follower and like records.

V surpassed 5 million followers in two hours and 10 million in four hours and 47 minutes. He even set a record for the most liked Asian artist.

bts v instagram 21m follower

V surpassed the record of the “celebrity with the most followers in 24 hours” by achieving 8.6 million followers in 24 hours, surpassing American actress Jennifer Aniston, 

bts v post

In addition, the number of Instagram followers of the other members exceeded 14 million.

Netizens are looking forward to how BTS will continue to communicate with fans in the future.

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