“Seungri’s rumored girlfriend” Yoo Hye Won promotes a café run by Park Han Byul, wife of Seungri’s Burning Sun partner

Influencer Yoo Hye Won, who is rumored to be dating Seungri, draws attention with her post promoting Park Han Byul’s cafe in Jeju.

Rumors of a romantic relationship between Yoo Hye Won and former Big Bang member Seungri re-emerged as the two recently got caught enjoying a trip at a resort in Thailand. Following the rumors in 2018 and 2020, this is the third time the couple is suspected to be in a relationship.

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In particular, there was a rumor that Yoo Hye Won accompanied Seungri when he enlisted in the middle of the investigation into the Burning Sun Scandal. However, neither of them released any official statement about this claim.

On the other hand, Park Han Byul, the owner of the café Yoo Hye Won promoted, is the wife of Yuri Holdings’s former CEO Yoo In Suk, known as the person who operated Burning Sun club together with Seungri. The Former CEO moved to Jeju Island while under Burning Sun-related investigations. Since then, Park Han Byul also has stopped her entertainment activities and opened a café.

Introducing an ongoing exhibition at the café, Yoo Hye Won said, “This is a café that I love and favor”, adding “Make sure to stop by and make good memories here when you travel to Jeju”.

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Seungri was a key figure in the Burning Sun Scandal in 2019. At that time, he was indicted on a total of 9 charges, including habitual gambling, prostitution, embezzlement, etc. Trials were conducted throughout his military service period. In May last year, the Supreme Court sentenced Seungri to one year and six months in prison. After completing his sentence, Seungri was released from Yeoju Prison on the 9th of last month.

Former CEO Yoo In Suk was accused of arranging prostitution services for foreign investors together with Seungri. In December 2020, he was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison with three years of suspended jail on charges of embezzlement, arranging prostitution, violating the Food Sanitation Act, and other economic crimes. Later, Yoo In Suk filed an appeal but then withdrew it, and his sentence was confirmed.

Source: Nate

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