The reason why Kpop girl groups’ MVs always have driving scenes

The hilarious reason behind the cool driving scenes in the music videos of female idol groups. 

Distancing themselves from the cute and bright concepts of second-generation K-pop, K-pop female idol groups from the third generation onwards are attempting to diversify the concepts of their music videos. For instance, famous third-generation groups such as BLACKPINK, Mamamoo, and AOA favored the “girl crush” concept for its power and personality. Other second generation groups also diversified their images to suit the public taste. 


Not only through the lyrics and costumes, the nature of “girl crush” is also strongly conveyed through K-pop girl groups’ music videos. One method is to incorporate driving scenes, both on motorbikes and cars, to maximize the powerful aspect of the performance. In many BLACKPINK MVs, the group often film a scene where one of the members will drive a vehicle. In the “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” MV, a tank was even used to amplify the impact.  

Fourth-generation idol groups take this concept to the next level. Particularly, (G)I-DLE and Le Sserafim’s MVs often use cars, whereas StayC and aespa opt for motorbikes. IVE even tops it off with a “flying car” in their “Love Dive” MV. Despite the thrill and coolness generated from those scenes, it is often revealed that the person behind the wheel has not obtained a driving license. Most of them only sat behind the wheels and acted as if they were controlling the vehicles. Nonetheless, the scenes did their job and brought more heat, as well as attention, to the MVs of the girl groups. 

Source: billboardvn

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