Cosmic Girls Bona said “Twenty Five Twenty One” feels like first love

Bona, who won “Best Acting Performance” at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards, talked about “Twenty Five Twenty One”.

Cosmic Girls member Bona, who gained huge attention with her role in the K-drama “Twenty Five Twenty One”, shared her feelings about the work through an interview.

Below is the aforementioned interview:

Q: What kind of work do you think “Twenty Five Twenty One” will be remembered as?

I thought it is a work that feels like first love. Actually, I didn’t have many memories of high school while I was a trainee, but I feel like I’m making a memory of my life through this work. So I have a feeling that I’ll remember my youth like that even when I look back on it later. I’ve never been on a school trip, and I couldn’t really focus on my school life.


Q: Your presence in “Twenty Five Twenty One” was clear and you received a lot of favorable reviews. What was the most memorable good comment for you?

I liked comments like “I knew Bona, but I didn’t know (it was her) while watching the drama”, or comments sympathizing with Ko Yu Rim. It was nice to see people who thought similarly to what I thought.

Q: What’s your biggest interest these days?

First of all, I try hard to watch a lot of movies. I originally like to watch movies on my day off, but I tried to watch a lot for study purposes. I like books, too. Sometimes I have a lot of time to read books and sometimes I don’t. There are times when it takes 6 months to finish reading a book. I like deep novels.


Q: Do you have a role model as an actress?

I saw Kim Tae Ri on TV a lot, and she was definitely Kim Tae Ri in my head. But when she started filming, she became Hee Do. As soon as the filming was over, she returned to being the actress Kim Tae Ri I knew. That was so amazing.

Q: We are curious about your MBTI.

I think it’s INTP when I work. I used to be an INFP, but I think it changed.

Source: Daum

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