From web novel, webtoon to drama adaptation, “Again My Life” explodes with popularity 

“Again My Life” is a total hit. 

Kakao Entertainment’s “Again My Life” is achieving great success with the original web novel, webtoon, and drama adaptation.  SBS’s ongoing drama “Again My Life” topped the Friday-Saturday drama time slot for 5 consecutive weeks with a new highest real-time viewership rating of 11.7% according to Nielsen Korea. Not only the drama, the “Again My Life” web novel and webtoon are also doing well. The original web novel ranked No.2 in the total number of views and the webtoon was placed first in overall webtoon sales on Kakao Page in April.

Again My Life

“Again My Life” is a revenge drama about passionate prosecutor Kim Hee Woo who is brought back to life to seek justice after suffering an unfair death. The intense brain fights and intense action-packed sequences in the process of confronting absolute evil in “Again My Life” bring viewers both breathtaking tension and thrilling pleasure at the same time. On top of that, the unique concept of having a second chance in life adds coolness to the new life design process in which the protagonist reverses fate. In this profound theme of corruption and revenge, the drama’s compelling narrative successfully captures viewers’ hearts. Lee Joon Gi’s brilliant portrayal of Kim Hee Woo also makes it look like he walked right out of the webtoon. 

Again My Life

The achievements “Again My Life” is currently having are truly amazing. In addition to the drama hitting the highest viewership ratings, the web novel and webtoon are attracting great attention as they create a myth of going backwards and breaking their own records. During the serialization, “Again My Life” web novel received favorable reviews such as “This is going to be a hit when it comes out as a drama!” and “It’s so fun that I read it without even sleeping.” With the drama being on air, transactions increased by about 72 times, average daily views by about 51 times, and the number of viewers by about 27 times. The webtoon achieved even more popularity by ranking first in sales and views for the month of April. Even though they have been completed, “Again My Life” webtoon and web novel have been in the spotlight again, leading to a successful drama.

again my life

Episode 9 of “Again My Life” aired on May 6 on SBS recorded an average nationwide rating of 10.1% and a highest real-time rating of 11.7%, breaking its own highest rating and ranking first in its time slot. As such, Kakao Entertainment is maximizing the IP value chain by strengthening synergy in its story, media, and music businesses. Both “Business Proposal” and “Again My Life” are cases in which Kakao Entertainment’s subsidiary Cross Pictures participated in drama planning and production and achieved great success. Although the webtoon for “Business Proposal” is also a finished work, during the drama’s broadcast, it became a hot topic by sweeping the webtoon sales and views in Korea as well as Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, and the US. Kakao Entertainment is expanding its scope through another webtoon-based work, “Itaewon Class”, which will be produced as a local drama in Japan. Overall, Kakao Entertainment intends to have all possible expansions from A to Z of IP.

Again my life

A Kakao Entertainment official said, “We are glad that the productions by Kakao Entertainment, from ‘Business Proposal’ to ‘Again My Life’, are showing good results one after another. Although the drama is still ongoing, ‘Again My Life’ drama will have a different ending from the web novel and webtoon. It will be uniquely fun to enjoy Kim Hee Woo’s story in various ways.”

Source: Daum

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