Why BIGBANG has a lot of male fans compared to other Kpop boy groups

Since their debut, BIGBANG has always been a trendsetter and a legend in the Kpop industry.

Throughout their long career, BIGBANG has released numerous hits and attracted fans from all around the globe. The name “BIGBANG” itself has become a remarkable brand, and their influence on the music industry is simply on the next level. 

Bigbang-Still Life

As a group, BIGBANG was absent from the Kpop scene for 4 entire years. However, their recent comeback single “Still Life” still managed to break records, top digital charts, and earn “Perfect All Kills” on all Korean music streaming platforms. 

The astonishing popularity of BIGBANG makes them the role models of many fans. And it was for this reason that BIGBANG seems to draw more male fans than any other Kpop boy groups. 

This has even become a topic of discussion on Korean forums, where male Kpop fans expressed their own opinions. According to them, the image of BIG BANG – manly and unique – is something they sought after, saying that BIGBANG is “the perfect role model for the male audience.” 


These male fans also stated music and fashion as reasons they prefer BIGBANG, writing comments like: “Their song are goods and G-Dragon looks super cool”; “They make good music and are fashionable”; “BIGBANG music just click with the taste of men, and they are trendy”, “They actually have good skills”, and “They are stylish and respectable”. 

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