YG Rookie Girl Group BABYMONTSER Captivates with Pre-Debut Song “Dream”

YG Ent’s rookie girl group BABYMONTSER has delivered a heartwarming and inspiring sensation to global fans through “Dream.”

On May 14th, YG Entertainment unveiled the pre-debut song “Dream” on BABYMONTSER’s official YouTube channel. The video captures the passion and sincerity of the 7 members who have been running breathlessly toward their debut goal.

babymonster dream

From the cozy sensibility of the mid-low range to the thrilling high notes, BABYMONTSER’s unique emotional harmony leaves a strong impression. 

The solo parts that showcase each BABYMONSTER member’s charm, the perfect harmony in the latter half, and the solid rap lines capture listeners’ ears.

The lyrics reveal the determined aspirations and strong determination of the girls who dream of debuting. Instead of collapsing or running away in difficult times, they express the message of hope to flap their wings even stronger. 

babymonster dream

The incorporation of scenes from “Last Evaluation” maximized the emotional impact of the song. The scenes show the members shedding tears during practices, comforting each other, and ultimately passing through the gateway of their final debut. The passionate embrace at the end of their last stage left a deep impression.

BABYMONTSER is YG’s first girl group to debut in seven years since BLACKPINK. With a multinational lineup consisting of Korean, Thai, and Japanese, the group has vocals, dance, rap, and visuals, making them an “all-rounder” group that garners expectations in the global music market.

babymonster dream

As trainees before their debut, BABYMONSTER surpassed 2 million subscribers on their YouTube channel in just 129 days. Their teaser content accumulated over 400 million views, showing off their early popularity. The U.S. Billboard selected BABYMONSTER as a “K-pop artist to watch out for”. Expectations are high that they will create a new wave in the K-pop genre.

Source: Naver

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