GD cheered for YGX → EXO expressed respect for 1MILLION… “Street Man Fighter” is already hot

The global response to Mnet’s “Street Man Fighter” is already hot.

Street Man Fighter (hereinafter referred to as “SMF”) released trailer videos one after another, raising expectations for a showdown to determine the true street dance king of professionals.

From BankTwoBrothers with strong hip-hop sensibility, EO-DDAE with powerful performances and showmanship, project crew Mbitious with skills and popularity, YGX with high recognition and fandom, 1MILLION – which created performances for top Korean idols such as EXO and Twice, WeDemBoyz – which is sweeping K-pop with trendy choreography, world champion JustJerk to PRIME KINGZ – which showcases powerful krump dance with overflowing energy. Global stars’ cheering relay is being held for the talented crews participating in “SMF”, and global viewers are also paying attention to “SMF”.

Global stars showed their support for “SMF” crews through personal SNS. First of all, when “Global K-Dance Mission” was released, G-Dragon tagged YGX’s official account and YGX members’ accounts on his Instagram story as well as added a cheering message saying, “Fightinggg.” Besides, iKON Kim Jin-hwan, Sandara Park and Oh My Girl YooA uploaded supportive and affectionate SNS posts for YGX. Chungha, who is variously acquainted with “SMF” crews, drew attention by mentioning WeDemBoyz, YGX, and JustJerk. She also posted sincere cheering messages along with screenshots of crews’ “Global K-Dance Mission” evaluation videos.

THE BOYZ sent support to 1MILLION through their official Instagram account, “Teachers, fighting.” SEVENTEEN Hoshi and Woozi also left supportive comments on 1MILLION Choi Young-joon’s SNS post. EXO Suho and others expressed their respect for 1MILLION.

MONSTA X Kihyun posted a screenshot of WeDemBoyz’s mission video and left a message saying, “My younger brothers are really cool.” SHINee Key and Sunmi also cheered for WeDemBoyz’s mission. In addition, global stars’ support, such as Baek Ye-rin and Pentagon Kino cheering for Mbitious, is drawing keen attention from viewers around the world.

Not only stars’ support, but also challenges with global artists are already a hot topic. Zico collaborated with “SMF” dancers to produce a challenge video in line with the release of his new song “Freak”. In the behind-the-scenes video filmed at the collaboration site, Zico praised the dancers, “They’re the only ones who can elevate the singers’ performances to the maximum.” He encouraged the dancers while working with them, giving off a special chemistry. In particular, Zico is known to have worked on music for “SMF” missions, adding to viewers’ curiosity.

Support messages from global fans in foreign languages are continuously being added to trailers and mission videos released on the official YouTube channel “The CHOOM”. Through the YouTube channel “The CHOOM”, which has accumulated 130 million views in 4 months since its launch, global viewers’ expectations for “SMF” are expected to increase. (As of August 10th)

“SMF”, which is receiving support from global fans beyond Korea, will premiere on August 23rd (Tuesday).

Source: daum

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