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Jin Seo Yeon: “Shin Min Ah looked really pretty as a model, I couldn’t take my eyes off her ”

Actress Jin Seo Yeon praised the visuals of Shin Min Ah when she was a model.

On the August 10th broadcast of MBC’s talk show radio star, actresses Jin Seo Yeon and Park Kyung Hye, as well as actors Choi Deok Moon and Park Myung Hoon, appeared as guests. 

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There, Jin Seo Yeon unveiled that she was considered one of the prettiest in her neighborhood in the past, and discussed her past career as a model. In particular, the actress said: “I want to do a job where I don’t have to speak, so I chose to become a model. I sent in a picture of myself and they told me to come to the studio, so I went. At the studio, I saw Gong Hyo Jin and Bae Doona, who were extremely cool and rather similar to models I always saw. However, someone else was coming in from afar and I kept staring because she was so pretty. It was Shin Min Ah. Even as I got my makeup done, she was so pretty that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.”

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In spite of Shin Min Ah’s outstanding beauty, Jin Seo Yeon did not admit defeat.

“I was not discouraged. I’m not the type to be discouraged”, the actress stated firmly, causing everyone to laugh. 

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