Fans can’t stop laughing at Kep1er’s dance cover of BLACKPINK’s hit because it is a total “mess” 

Kep1er danced to BLACKPINK’s How You Like That in an “aggressive” way. 

Random play dance is an iconic challenge of Kpop idols that fans always enjoy watching. Rookie girl group Kep1er recently guested on Weekly Idol and did this challenge. Coming out from Mnet’s survival show Girls Planet 999, Kep1er members are known for their solid dancing skills. 

Kep1er did a dance cover to BLACKPINK’s How You Like That 

Among the random songs, Kep1er danced to “How You Like That” of BLACKPINK. Many members knew the choreography so they were dancing excitedly and even a bit “aggressively”, but there was no synchronization. In particular, Yujin flipped her hair in an overly enthusiastic way, turning the cover into a total “mess”.

Kep1er How You Like That dance cover
When covering BLACKPINK’s hit How You Like That, Kep1er members danced aggressively 
Kep1er How You Like That dance cover
Yujin especially grabs the spotlight

Netizens can’t help but laugh at this cover: 

  • I thought Yujin was the quiet type.
  • Is Yujin doing a shampoo commercial?
  • I know it’s just a challenge, but it’s a bit ridiculous.
  • They are a total mess
  • Even the MC was shocked.
  • This is so funny 

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