“The  Glory” Lim Ji Yeon’s attitude scandal reemerges online: From friendly chatting to “deadly stare” in a matter of seconds  

Lim Ji Yeon’s sudden shift of reactions while interacting created divided reactions. 

As “The Glory” starring Song Hye Kyo is enjoying pan-Asian popularity, the series’ main villain Lim Ji Yeon is also getting her own spotlight. At the same time, however, the actress is also the talk of the town when a attitude controversy from 8 years ago during the shooting for the series “High Society” resurfaced on social media. 

lim ji yeon
Lim Ji Yeon is gaining vast popularity as the villain in “The Glory” 

The situation occurred during the preparation for a shot, when Lim Ji Yeon was chatting with her co-star Sung Joon. As her assistant tried to help adjust her watch, Lim Ji Yeon immediately showed a supposedly displeased reaction, only a few second after her friendly chatting with Sung Joon. 

When the photo capturing the instant change in emotion came out on social media sites, netizens’ reactions were divided. While some criticized her for being “condescending,” others felt it was not sufficient to judge her character, arguing that everyone had moments of sudden emotional shift without any clear reason. 

lim ji yeon
Lim Ji Yeon was said to “glare fiercely” at her secretary, moments after she was having fun with co-star Sung Joon 
suzy sung joon thumbnail
Sung Joon was caught in a dating rumor with Suzy. They were caught in 2013 with a series of photo evidence published by Sports Seoul. Faced with the rumors, the actors strongly stated they were only close friends 

To fans, Lim Ji Yeon is a friendly and sociable actress who appears with a bright smile. In each project she was a part in, Lim Ji Yeon always takes photos of herself with her colleauges. 

lim ji yeon
1990-born actress appears with a radiating smile 
Lim Ji Yeon
Recently, Lim Ji Yeon posted a series of group photos  with the series actors of “The Glory” 
song hye kyo lim ji yeon
Previously, she also uploaded selfies with Song Hye Kyo on her personal Instagram after the wrap-up party of “The Glory” 

Source: Naver

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