Previous works of a “The Glory” actor who is called “Daehak-ro idol”

Netflix’s new series “The Glory”, which was released on Dec 30th last year, has been steadily gaining popularity since its release.

In particular, the cast’s passionate acting shines. The cast is drawing attention as they are showing a different aspect from the images they showed in their previous works.

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The drama “The Glory” tells the story of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), who puts an elaborate revenge scheme in motion to make the perpetrators pay for their crimes years after surviving horrific abuse in high school.

Writer Kim Eun Sook and PD Ahn Gil Ho worked together. Various actors such as Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun, Lim Ji Yeon, Yeom Hye Ran, Park Sung Hoon, Jung Sung Il, Kim Hieora, Cha Joo Young, Kim Gun Woo, Jung Ji So and Shin Ye Eun played an active part.

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Among the supporting actors in this work, the unconventional transformation beyond the existing image of the actors who performed impressively in their previous works also attracted attention.

Jung Sung Il, who plays Park Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon)’s husband Ha Do Yeong, is receiving an enthusiastic response as he perfectly portrayed a gentle yet privileged character.


Jung Sung Il created his own image of Ha Do Yeong with his unique low- and medium-pitched voice, calm tone and warm smile that only appears when he is in front of his daughter.

Jung Sung Il drew attention by playing the role of Kim Tae Hoon, Min Seon Ah (Shin Min Ah)’s sensitive and tired husband, in tvN’s “Our Blues.


He left a strong impression on home theaters by playing a tired character in charge of work, housework and childcare when his wife Seon Ah suffered from depression during marital life.

His actions of gradually giving up on Seon Ah as well as frustrating and upsetting emotions were expressed through realistic acting, causing viewers to sigh.

Jung Sung Il is a talented actor who appeared in a number of dramas and movies. He showed impressive performances based on his steadily accumulated skills on the stage of plays and musicals.

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Jung Sung Il, who has been active as an actor since 2002, appeared as minor roles in movies “H” and “A Frozen Flower”. After completing military service, he worked in the performing arts field.

Jung Sung Il, who has been active on stage for 10 years at the words of his seniors “You have to grow old to act well”, has mainly played serious and calm characters like his appearance in dramas.

sung jung il

He showed various aspects, boasted his greed for gags and succeeded in transforming his image through the musical “Mio Fratello” (2020). He also held solo concerts and carried out outside activities under the name of “Hyun Seung Il” along with actors Kim Dae Hyun and Choi Ho Seung. Thanks to this, he is called “Daehak-ro idol”.

Source: Daum

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