Kim Rae Won of “Love Story in Harvard”: Risked his life for his first love, turning 41 and never been married 

Here’s the current whereabouts of K-drama heartthrob Kim Rae Won. 

Kim Rae Won, the actor who stole our hearts with his roles in successful works namely “Love Story in Harvard”, “Gourmet”, “A Thousand Days’ Promise”, “Punch”, “Doctors”, is one of the most famous over-40 Korean male stars. 


Since his debut, Kim Rae Won has been known for his bright smile and handsome, manly appearance. His iconic role in “Love Story in Harvard” was a major contribution to his journey to stardom. Besides his good looks and irresistible charm, Kim Rae Won’s acting is highly appreciated. He once took home the Best New Actor award at the 21st Blue Dragon Film Awards for his performance in the 2000 film “Plum Blossom”.

Kim Rae won

Having an outstanding career, but Kim Rae Won went through a hard time in his personal life. 

Becoming an actor was not his original dream 

Once shocked the public with his unrecognizable post-weight gain look 

Kim Rae Won was born into a well-to-do family. In middle school, he inherited a small apartment and a large sum of money from his grandmother. Kim Rae Won’s childhood dream was actually nothing related to acting. He wanted to become a professional basketball player. However, due to a knee injury, Kim Rae Won could not continue to pursue this path. 

Kim Rae Won and Kim Tae Hee in “Love Story in Harvard”
Kim Rae Won has a warm smile.

The actor is also very secretive about his family. He only mentioned his sister once when he was a guest on a TV show in 2013. According to Kim Rae Won, his sister is an independent person. Despite having a famous and rich brother, Kim Rae Won’s sister has never bought or worn expensive designed clothes or mentioned her famous brother to others.

Once shocked the public with his unrecognizable post-weight gain look 


Possessing such a handsome appearance, Kim Rae Won also had his downward moments. In 2013, when reappearing after a period of hiatus, Kim Rae Won surprised everyone with his weight gain body, swollen face, fat chin, and chubby cheeks.

Kim Rae Won gained a lot of weight because of eating too many hamburgers.

To the surprise of the public, Kim Rae Won explained that when he had to go to the US to film a movie, he gained 15kg. The reason given by the actor was eating too many hamburgers.

When returning home, Kim Rae Won has tried many weight loss methods from a nutrition-balanced diet to exercising every day. As a result, when participating in “Punch” (2014), his 15 kg of excess fat was gone.

Extreme choice after breaking up with his first love


Everyone believes Kim Rae Won will be loved by many women since he is so handsome and well-known. However, this is not the case. The actor revealed that he plunged into the river after breaking up with his first love at the age of 18. Thankfully, the actor was able to swim to the shore and survive. Many sources said that Kim Rae Won’s first love was an actress who was 1 year older than him.


Immediately after this information was announced, netizens found out the identity of this actress.  Many people believe that Kim Rae Won’s first love is actress Lee Yo Won. The reason they broke up was said to be because the actress had too many followers at that time.  Many people criticized Lee Yo Won.  They think that she hurt Kim Rae Won because she married a rich man.  Faced with criticism from the public, Lee Yo Won herself has never given a response.

Lee Yo Won is said to be Kim Rae Won’s first love

However, there are also many opinions that disagree with Kim Rae Won’s negative decision.  They believe that the actor’s decision has affected the life and reputation of his ex.


After this relationship, Kim Rae Won also revealed that he dated some girls, but the relationships were not long-lasting.  In an interview in 2019, when asked about marriage, Kim Rae Won revealed: “I have to get married, but filming and fishing are taking over my life,” said Kim Rae Won with a laugh. “Fishing takes up more time in my life than I thought. It’s a big deal. I think I’ll have to cut down on this activity before I can get married.”

Until now, at the age of 41, Kim Rae Won still continues to live a single life.  Fans hope that Kim Rae Won will soon find the love of his life.

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