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The cute moment when “Music Bank” MC Jang Won-young forgot to give the flowers to the No.1 singer because she was startled by the confetti sound draws attention

IVE’s Jang Won-young caught the eyes of netizens with her cute mistake on the recent broadcast of “Music Bank”.

TXT, Hyo-yeon, ASTRO, Ye-rin, Jung Se-woon, AB6IX, etc. appeared on KBS2’s “Music Bank” broadcast, which aired on May 20th, and presented cool performances.


Nominees for the No.1 were Psy’s “That That” and TXT’s “Good Boy Gone Bad” and eventually TXT won the trophy this week. The boy group gave an acceptance speech and completed an encore stage. Later, when the fancam video was released by KBS, many netizens immediately spotted Jang Won-young’s cute mistake, which was not seen on the live broadcast. 

TXT’s “Good Boy Gone Bad” No.1 encore video released through the Youtube channel “KBS Kpop” began with MCs Jang Won-young and Park Sung-hoon announcing the winner. After TXT’s No.1 ranking was confirmed, confetti exploded, startling Jang Won-young. 

Jang Won-young quickly stayed calm and continued to say “Congratulations” to the winner. Park Sung-hoon handed the No.1 trophy to TXT and asked them to express their feelings.


While TXT was giving their speech, Park Sung-hoon found the flower bouquet in Jang Won-young’s arms and pointed at it. At this point, Jang Won-young opened her mouth in surprise and quickly delivered the bouquet to TXT members.

In fact, when Park Sung-hoon handed the trophy to TXT, Jang Won-young was supposed to give the flower to them at the same time but she forgot because she was startled by the sound of confetti. 


After belatedly giving the bouquet to TXT, Jang Won-young got embarrassed. Seeing this scene, Internet users found Jang Won-young’s mistake cute, saying, “She’s so adorable”, “She must have been so surprised”, etc.


Meanwhile, Jang Won-young is working as an MC for “Music Bank” and energizes the program every week with her smooth hosting skills and bright appearance, proving her irreplaceable presence. 

Source: insight

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