“I hated it back then”, Actor Oh Ji Ho explains his attitude toward Kim Yoo Jung during filming in the past

Actor Oh Ji Ho suddenly apologized to his junior Kim Yoo Jung. 

In the May 21st broadcast of KBS2’s entertainment show “Mr. House Husband 2”, Oh Ji Ho met other actors including Yoon Da Hoon, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jung Jin and they talked while drinking. 

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Yoon Da Hoon, who celebrates the 40th anniversary of his debut this year, was asked whether he experienced a slump at this point of his career. He confessed, “I received an offer, but it was to play the main character’s father. I’ve played a father of children before, but it still felt a bit…”

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Oh Ji Ho sympathized with this. He said, “I once played a character who got married early, so I came out as a father with a 7-year-old daughter. At the time, my daughter was Kim Yoo Jung. I hated it back then. I was young so I didn’t like playing someone’s father.”

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“That’s why Yoo Jung was the one I didn’t take care of the most among the child actors,” Oh Ji Ho added, expressing how he felt sorry for Kim Yoo Jung because of his attitude toward her during filming back then.

Source: wikitree

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