6 pairs of famous idols in this era who look like siblings because they have similar facial features and vibes

Below are 6 pairs of male and female idols who look similar enough to be mistaken as siblings.

Many famous idols are actually siblings. For example, ASTRO’s Moonbin and Billlie’s Sua, ex-Secret’s Sun-hwa and VICTION’s Seung-woo, ex-Rainbow’s Kim Jae-kyung and N.Flying’s Kim Jae-hyun. However, there are also idols who are not siblings but look so much alike that many netizens think they are real brothers and sisters. 

1. The Boyz’s Young-hoon – BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

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Both Jisoo and Young-hoon have white skin and beautiful eyes. Their small mouths and slender jaws give off an elegant atmosphere. Known as visuals of their groups, the two are challenging acting and have established themselves as actors apart from being idols.

2. BTS’s Jung-kook – Kep1er’s Kang Ye-seo

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Kang Ye-seo, who debuted in Kep1er after competing in Mnet’s survival show ‘Girls Planet 999: The Girls Saga’, is often mentioned as Jung-kook‘s lookalike. Both Kang Ye-seo and Kim Jong-kook have bunny eyes and distinctive facial features, giving off an atmosphere of siblings. The two are also known for their unique sweet smiles.

3. Seventeen’s Joshua – Oh My Girl’s Yu-bin

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Making their debut in the same year (2015), Yubin and Joshua are widely known among fans for their resemblances in appearance. The two have big eyes, deep double eyelids, small faces, and long necks. In addition, both are also considered for their deer-like image. Joshua and Yu-bin, whose mouths are also similar in shape, boast a high synchronization rate.

4. NCT’s Jung-woo – WJSN’s Seol-a

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Ever since his debut, Jung-woo has been pointed out to resemble Seol-a. In particular, Jung-woo once became a hot topic in 2018 because his appearance when transforming into Rose in the movie “Titanic” on Halloween Day made him look exactly like Seol-a. In 2020, Mnet’s “TMI NEWS” also mentioned the two as “doppelgangers” because of their similarities in appearance.

5. Stray Kids’s Hyun-jin – ITZY’s Ye-ji

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Both Ye-ji and Hyun-jin, who are same age friends under the same agency JYP Entertainment, have sharp eyes. In addition, the two are also known for their white skin, high and sharp nose bridges as well as bright and smiley faces. Fans were shocked to see how much Ye-jin and Hyun-jin look like each other when seeing their graduation photos taken before they debuted.

6. Stray Kids’s Felix – I.O.I’s former member Chung-ha

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Chung-ha and Felix catch fans’ attention with their unique facial features. The two resemble each other in several details, such as round nose tip, small face, eyebrow lines, and fatal eyes. Both Felix, who was born in Australia, and Chung-ha, who used to live in Texas, the U.S, boast amazing English skills. 

Source: insight

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