“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” actress Park Eun-bin, “I hate the phrase ‘single since birth’… It makes me look like someone with a problem”

Actress Park Eun-bin, who is acting passionately as a genius lawyer with autism spectrum disorder in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, recently become the talk of the town.

In the past, Park Eun-bin admitted that she was single since birth in an interview after JTBC’s drama “Age of Youth” ended.

At that time, Park Eun-bin said, “Everyone seemed to be very surprised but it is true that I’ve been single since birth”, adding “I tried to study hard and I’ve been working nonstop since I was 5 years old”, explaining why she had never dated.

park eun bin

In particular, Park Eun-bin drew attention when she said “But I really don’t like the phrase ‘single since birth’ itself”. The actress believes that being single is not something to be ashamed of but the part ‘since birth’ makes it sound like there is a real problem with her. 

Park Eun-bin shared, “I want to meet a man who can make me feel comfortable and take care of me more like a friend. No matter what happens in my daily life, I solve everything myself so I hope he can take care of them for me”, revealing her ideal type.

park eun bin

However, she said, “There is nothing I want to achieve in my private life, like dating”, adding “Up until now, the thought ‘I should get married’ has never come up in my mind”, showing her side as a “workaholic”.

park eun bin

Meanwhile, Park Eun-bin, who made her debut in the entertainment industry as a children’s clothing model at the age of 4, is gaining syndrome-level popularity with her performance in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. 

Source: insight

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