The risk of marriage and dating for K-celebrities ft. Lee Seung Gi, Park Min Young, and more 

In Korea’s entertainment industry, marriage and dating can easily get celebrities into controversies. 

The personal lives of celebrities are always one of the biggest concerns of the public. In particular, “pink” personal stories about dating and marriage are good stories to talk about. Of course, it is something to be congratulated on, but if their partners are involved in a controversy, stars who have maintained close relationships with them are also subject to criticism. There are also cases in which celebrities’ daily lives are broken or they are distanced from their partners due to excessive attention from the public.

Fans who have complicated feelings about their favorite celebrities’ dating and marriage react more sensitively. As in the case of Super Junior’s Sungmin and Wonder Girls’ Sunye, many fans felt betrayed and turned their backs on these idols after they announced their surprise marriage. It’s not like they can’t hide it either. In many ways, from the standpoint of a celebrity, disclosing their personal life is a complicated risk.

lee seung gi

Lee Seung Gi recently faced criticism after the announcement of his marriage to Lee Da In. This is because Lee Da In’s mother and Lee Seung Gi’s future mother-in-law is Kyeon Mi Ri, an actress who was caught up in suspicion of stock price manipulation and multi-level fraud with her husband in the past. At the end of last year, when Lee Seung Gi had a dispute with his former agency over issues such as unpaid settlement of music revenue, the public was supporting him. However, after the news of his marriage, the atmosphere has changed quite a bit.

In the end, Kyeon Mi Ri, who had been silent, started to explain herself. On February 17th, she refuted through her legal representative, saying, “I have nothing to do with the stock price manipulation case. I am also a victim.”

Lee Seung Gi Kyeon Mi-ri

It is the first time in 13 years that Kyeon Mi Ri has expressed her position on the case involving her. As the marriage between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In continued to attract unkind attention, she finally broke her silence. After that, Lee Seung Gi asked the fans, “Please watch over us with a broad generosity.” Lee Seung Gi is getting married on April 7th. Convincing the fans who have turned their backs on him before the wedding is not an easy task. 

There are also celebrities who are struggling with allegations of fraud and embezzlement by their ex-boyfriends. KARA’s Park Gyuri was recently investigated by the prosecution as a witness in the coin fraud case of her ex-boyfriend A.

Park Gyuri

The Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office is currently investigating A, the CEO of Company P, who issued P Coin linked to art works, on charges of fraud. Accordingly, Park Gyuri, who worked as a curator and CCO of Company P, is also known to have investigated last month as a witness. On February 20th, Park Gyuri’s agency admitted to the prosecution’s investigation, saying, “Park Gyuri was A’s girlfriend at the time and was the curator of the art gallery. She gave a statement as a witness to the investigative agency.”

A is the grandson of the founder of D Construction Company in North Chungcheong Province. In October 2019, Park Gyuri and A’s dating became known and attracted attention. A later caused controversy in June 2021 due to a drunk driving accident, and in September of that year, news of their breakup was reported.

park min young

Park Min Young is also facing the aftermath when her ex-boyfriend, businessman Kang Jong Hyun, gets caught up in an embezzlement case. Park Min Young appeared before the prosecution on February 13th as a witness when the suspicion of embezzlement of company money by the management of Bithumb affiliates was raised. Kang Jong Hyun is known as the actual owner of Bithumb. He was arrested on related charges on February 2nd.

Prosecutors are said to have investigated whether Park Min Young was involved in the process of Kang Jong Hyun making unfair gains through manipulation of Bithumb affiliate stock prices and embezzlement. The prosecution is known to have found Park Min Young’s name in the borrowed-name transaction of convertible bonds issued by Bithumb affiliates, as well as the fact that hundreds of millions of units of profit were generated. However, Park Min Young reportedly insisted during the prosecution’s investigation to the effect that she had nothing to do with the transaction.

Park Min Young thumbnail

Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun’s dating was reported last year, causing a stir. It was also revealed that Park Min Young’s sister worked as an outside director for Bithumb affiliates. The agency then announced the news of Park Min Young and Kang Jong Hyun’s breakup and explained, “It is absolutely not true that Park Min Young received a lot of financial support from Kang Jong Hyun.”

Celebrities’ dating and marriage, or privacy, become known to the world easier and faster than others. As a celebrity, having attention focused on them for a private personal affair rather than an official activity comes with a considerable burden and responsibility. In some cases, like Park Min Young and Park Gyuri, it becomes something that cannot be escaped even after their breakups. Even Lee Seung Gi, who received support from many fans after a conflict with his former agency, is facing a headwind ahead of his marriage.

What is important to celebrities is appearing in front of the public through good activities, not controversial personal affairs. Above all, the urgent task given to them is to resolve the risk so that there is no hindrance to their future activities.

Source: Naver

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