“For Lee Seung Gi, I can’t ignore it”… Kyeon Mi Ri explains the stock price manipulation controversy of her husband

Actress Kyeon Mi Ri expressed her position on the controversies surrounding her husband and family.

Kyeon Mi Ri’s legal representative said, “First of all, we are very sorry that we have no choice but to deliver this position on behalf of actress Kyeon Mi Ri”.


Refuting the allegations about Kyeon Mi Ri and her family, they said, “However, we can no longer ignore the situation that news about Kyeon Mi Ri and her family are being massively reproduced. To correct them, we will convey our position”.

First of all, Kyeon Mi Ri’s legal rep stated, “The stock price manipulation case, which was claimed to have caused more than 300,000 victims, including suicides, has nothing to do with Kyeon Mi Ri and her husband”, adding “We would like to make it clear that Kyeon Mi Ri and her husband are actually victims of JU’s multi-level fraud case, and are not related to the stock price manipulation conducted by JU officials”.


They also denied allegations that Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband took 26.6 billion won in Corebit’s paid-in capital increase and used it to repay individual debt, saying “Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband once borrowed 500 million won, but that amount was already repaid a few months later. As a result, the information that he took Corebit’s money is not true”.

Regarding the luxury house of Kyeon Mi Ri’s family in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, they explained, “The land was purchased and built by Kyeon Mi Ri. The housing fee came from the income accumulated by Kyeon Mi Ri throughout her 30 years of acting”, emphasizing that it was not the profits from any crime.

Kyeon Mi Ri’s rep emphasized, “For the sake of Kyeon Mi Ri’s family and the people who will become her new family members, we can no longer ignore the current situation in which the above false information has rapidly and indiscriminately circulated online as if they were the truth. We will correct things that are different from the facts until the end with strong legal action.”


Earlier, Kyeon Mi Ri’s husband, identified only by his surname Lee, was sentenced to three years in prison for violating the Capital Markets Act, such as making unfair profits from stock price manipulation, in 2011. 

He was released in 2014 but arrested again two years later on charges of making billions of won in unfair profits through the stock price manipulation of a KOSDAQ-listed company in 2016.

The first trial sentenced Lee to 4 years in prison and a fine of 2.5 billion won in 2018. However, he was acquitted in the appellate court and is waiting for the ruling from the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, Kyeon Mi Ri’s daughter Lee Da In will marry singer/actor Lee Seung Gi in April.

Source: wikitree

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