The drawback of public romance… Park Min Young and Park Gyu Ri caught up in ex-lovers’ controversies 

Kara member Park Gyu Ri was recently investigated by the prosecution as a witness in the coin fraud case of her ex-boyfriend A. According to media reports, the prosecution is investigating A, CEO of art gallery company P that issued art-linked P Coin, as a suspect on charges of fraud. Park Gyu Ri, who worked as a curator and CCO of company P, was summoned to give a witness statement last month. On February 20th, Park Gyu Ri stated, “I was A’s lover and the curator of the art gallery at that time. I made a witness statement for the investigative agency.”

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On October 2019, Park Gyu Ri drew keen attention when she publicized her romantic relationship with A, the grandson of the founder of construction company D in Chungbuk. A caused a stir in June 2021 after causing a drunk driving accident, then the news of the two’s breakup was reported in September of the same year. 

Park Gyu Ri also confessed, “I clearly clarified that I didn’t participate in any illegal activities related to the coin business and didn’t make any unfair profits, but I will cooperate with related investigations as much as possible.“

Actress Park Min Young also presented at the prosecution’s office on February 13th as a witness for the embezzlement of Bithumb executives. It is because her ex-boyfriend Kang Jong Hyun, known as the “real owner” of Bithumb, is one of the suspects in the case.

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Accordingly, the prosecution found hundreds of millions of unfair profits were generated from borrowed-name transactions of convertible bonds issued by Bithumb with Park Min Young’s name. Park Min Young claimed that she is not related to Kang Jong Hyun’s crime during the prosecution’s investigation. The actress’s agency confirmed that she is faithfully cooperating with the investigation and that she is not banned from leaving the country as the media reported.

Recently, stars are more confident in revealing their romantic relationships to the public. However, the “ex-lover” label that follows if they break up will be a real burden. If their ex-lover gets caught up in an accident, their name would be highlighted in articles right away.

Source: Daum

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