Lee Soo-hyuk shared, “‘Tomorrow is a work that made me think a lot until its last minute”

Actor Lee Soo-hyuk expressed his regret about saying goodbye to “Tomorrow”.

Lee Soo-hyuk, who impressed the viewers through each episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Tomorrow” (written by Park Ran/ directed by Kim Tae-yoon) as Park Joong-gil, a principlist grim reaper, expressed his feelings after the drama ended.


On this day, Lee Soo-hyuk shared, “To the director, writer, and staff who helped me finish this project well, thank you for your hard work. Since ‘Tomorrow’ is a work that delivers lots of messages that I could sympathize with and it was a work that made me think a lot until its last minute”. He expressed his gratitude to the viewers who have loved the drama, saying “Since the original version was so loved by many people, I thought hard and made lots of efforts to express the story well in the drama version. I was really nervous and also wondered how to make people look forward to Joong-gil during the broadcast. I had expectations and I’m grateful that many people told me it was a good drama with meaningful stories.”


Regarding the part he focused on the most when playing Joong-gil, Lee Soo-hyun said, “My character is a principlist so I tried to show his tension and impact every time he appeared in the drama. Since the backstory of Joong-gil was revealed little by little, I believed it was important to make the viewers curious about this character. Therefore I tried to express the connections well.”

Lee Soo Hyuk

Lastly, Lee Soo-hyuk shared, “Since I played a grim reaper in this drama, I think it would be better if I greet you with a realistic character next time to show you my diverse charms”, adding, “I remember that I was worried a lot about the way to deliver the story that could be a little heavy. Thank you so much for watching ‘Tomorrow’ and, of course, for supporting us. Everyone, please stay healthy. I will meet you with a new appearance soon.”

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