TWICE’s Chaeyoung Makes Fans Go Wild by Finally Unveiling Her Full Back Tattoo 

For the first time, fans could see the complete tattoo on TWICE Chaeyoung’s back.

At the recent LA stop of TWICE’s “READY TO BE” world tour, Chaeyoung amazed fans as she proudly displayed her full back tattoo by wearing a cropped T-shirt.


While parts of Chaeyoung’s back tattoo were seen by fans in the past, the recent LA concerts marked the first time fans were able to fully witness the entire tattoo. 

The anticipation among TWICE fans for this full reveal was high, so they couldn’t contain their excitement when Chaeyoung finally showed it. The tattoo with various details is also self-designed by Chaeyoung.


Although fans have always loved Chaeyoung’s many tattoos including the big one on her back and various other areas on her body, the idol has been facing mixed reactions from netizens to her bold tattoos for some time. 

Opinions are divided between those who see Chaeyoung’s tattoos as an expression of personal freedom and those who believe it is inappropriate for a public figure with many underage fans.

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