Netflix’s upcoming car-racing action movie “Seoul Vibe” starring Yoo Ah In and Ong Seong Wu drops its 1st trailer

The 1st teaser trailer for “Seoul Vibe”, which shows thrilling car-chasing action, has finally been unveiled.

On July 29th, Netflix released a teaser trailer for the new movie “Seoul Vibe”, which will be available to stream next month.

“Seoul Vibe” depicts what happens in 1988 when the Supreme Team in Sanggye-dong with an American dream receives an offer they can’t refuse and is put into a VIP slush fund investigation operation.

A fresh combination that has never been seen before of actors Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Kyu Kyung, Park Joo Hyun, Ong Seong Wu, Moon So Ri, Oh Jung Se, Kim Sung Kyung, and Jung Woong In is raising expectations.

The teaser trailer begins with the proud appearance of a team of drivers known as Sanggye-dong Supreme Team, which consists of the strongest drifter Dong Wook (Yoo Ah In), club DJ Woo Sam (Go Kyung Pyo), navigator Bok Nam (Lee Kyu Hyung), leader of the largest biker club Yoon Hee (Park Joo Hyun), and Joon Gi (Ong Seong Wu), who can fix anything. They are insiders who are ahead of the game in everything from fashion, music, vibes and have the best driving skills.

seoul vibe

Prosecutor Ahn (Oh Jung Se), who is conducting an unofficial investigation in pursuit of the VIP’s slush funds, meets the driver team and makes an offer they cannot refuse.

The Supreme Team, who accidentally jumps into the “VIP slush fund transport operation” of Chairman Kang (Moon So Ri), the unofficial second-in-command of the Republic of Korea, will risk their lives to carry out the mission.

seoul vibe

Dong Wook, excited at the proposal that he will get paid 10 million won for one delivery of the slush fund, turns the steering wheel roughly through the wind.

Attention is already focused on the car racing action sequences of those who make their hands sweat by quickly wandering around the center of Seoul and evading the police.

“Seoul Vibe”, which promises to make your heart pound with its thrilling car-chasing action scenes, can be found on Netflix starting from August 26th.

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