Cha Eunwoo has just been confirmed to appear in Penthouse 2!

The information that Cha Eunwoo will appear in Penthouse 2 has attracted a lot of attention

PentPenthouse 2 is slowly coming to an end.  However, a series of supporting characters that were previously announced by the writer have not appeared, causing viewers to panic.

Recently, the producer continued to announce that actor Cha Eunwoo will also appear in part 2 with a special role.

Although the producer side has not revealed the role of the Astro member, many rumors suggest that he will most likely take on the role of a son of Seo Jin and Ha Yoon Cheol.

Previously, the producer released a character map revealing that Ha Yoon Cheol and Seo Jin had two children.  However, for some reason, only Eunbyul appeared, and up to now, their other child has not been mentioned.

Currently, many rumors about the end of Penthouse 2 are circulating on social networks.  However, in the last episode, a very big event will definitely happen to set the stage for season 3.

Please watch Penthouse 2 at 8:00 pm (local time), every Friday and Saturday on SBS.

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